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Texas Pagans
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This is a community for Pagans (Wiccans and others) from Texas. It has been created to foster networking; discussion of local events, covens, and news pertaining to Paganism and religious freedom in our state is welcomed. Although friendly conversation is encouraged, please try to relate your posts to Texas or Paganism in some way. Attacks on specific covens, individuals, or religious beliefs will not be tolerated.

Policy on ads: Advertisements for businesses or other money-making ventures should be: pagan owned/operated or otherwise be closely related to the community. Any ads should be no more than a line or two with a link to where the interested can find more information. Please do not include pictures in ads. Do not repeat ads more than once every 6 months.

This community is maintained by todfox. Please notify him of inappropriate behavior via email (todfox at livejournal dot com) or other info provided in his profile.

Other communities of potential regional interest include:
austin_pagans (Austin)
denton_pagan (Denton)
houstonpagans (Houston)
satx_pagans (San Antonio)

cma_glbt For GLBT members of the Council of Magickal Arts

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