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Thu, May. 3rd, 2012, 03:39 pm
seshen: San Antonio Pagans web site - new look, new host

The San Antonio Pagans web site has been redesigned and uploaded to our new host, A Small Orange. Here's the link: http://sanantoniopagans.us

There are a few changes to simplify things:

1. I have eliminated the "Meet the Locals" section, since my goal is to keep the web site current and most folks tend to forget they have a page up.

2. Created a few major categories on the navigation menu which will group things like Meetups, groups/orgs, discussion forums etc on dedicated pages rather than each one having a separate page. The old navigation menu was becoming very long and cumbersome. Each listing will have a brief description and link straight to the source (outside web site). Good incentive for everyone to keep their own web sites current. ;) I have only created a site page for those who do not have a web site in place.

3. iWeb provides a Blog option, so I will have that on the navigation menu for announcements, items of interest to the local Pagan community, etc. In this light, I'm going to eliminate the S.A. Pagans Twitter account because it's just duplicating efforts. Because you even knew there was a Twitter account, right? ;) This Facebook forum will remain in place.

4. There will still be a 6-months-out "Recurring Events" page for repeat items and major gatherings. PNO page will contain dates/days through 2012 and 2013.