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Wed, Aug. 4th, 2010, 10:43 am
dakotawitch: Online Class on Five Elements through Five Senses

MODS: If this isn't OK, let me know.

I'm offering an online class on the Elements: Five Elements Through Five Senses. Details behind the cut. Consider participating!

REPLY TO: dakotawitch@gmail.com
Five Elements Through Five Senses
with Susan Harper, Ph.D.

Start Date: August 29
End Date: October 3
Location: Online, through Google Groups
Cost: Introductory 50% Off Offer! $50/person for the entire 5-week course.

Come experience the Five Elements through the Five Senses! This five-week online course will give you the opportunity to interact with the Elements -- Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit -- through the Senses of touch, taste, sight, smell, and hearing. We'll explore the magickal and spiritual properties of each Element as we get to know it through our bodies as well as our minds. Deepen your spiritual practice with a greater understanding of the Elements, how they work in magick, and how they surround us and interact with us at all times.

Through a series of exercises and online discussions, we'll learn from the Elements and each other! Classes will be conducted through Googlegroups. You will receive an invite to the class discussion group after you have registered and paid.

Register by Tuesday, August 24. Register by emailing dakotawitch@gmail.com. Please put "Five Elements Registration" in your subject line. Payment through PayPal. Payment plans and scholarships may be available -- email for more information.

Susan Harper, Ph.D. is an anthropologist of religion and gender studies. She has researched NeoPaganism and other religions extensively. Her work has appeared in Sagewoman, The Journal of Bisexuality, and the Journal of International Women's Studies. She is a practitioner of Feminist Witchcraft and has been active in the Texas Pagan community for more than 15 years.